The Bandanas and Bow Ties are  cotton and come in a range of funky, fresh designs. 
in addition, the Bow Ties have a strip of velvety velcro  which is soft against your pooch's skin.
The Tear Wipes are made of a 90/10% bamboo/cotton mix - super soft for the delicate area around your pooch's eyes.

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All they need is a warm hand wash with a gentle detergent and a quick iron - if necessary. 
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There's an opening across the top of each bandana where you slide your pooch's collar through. You then simply put the collar on as normal   Being made of cotton, the bandana will not irritate your pup's skin.  You can position it either under your dog's chin or to the side of their neck - entirely up to you!
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MINI = approximately 18cms wide and 13cms long
= approximately 23cms wide and 16cms long.
MEDIUM = approximately 25cms wide and 17cms long
LARGE = approximately 32cms wide and 18cms long
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There's a strip of velcro at the back of each bow tie which winds around your canine's collar.  The outside of the velcro strip is velvety soft and lies against your pup's skin without causing any irritation.
The velcro comes as a standard length to roll around the collar, but if you find this is too long and the collar doesn't sit properly, simply cut the velcro to fit. MAKE SURE you trim the velcro from each side evenly, otherwise the bow tie won't sit properly.
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The bow ties measure approximately 13cms at their widest point.
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No, sorry I don't have a licence to sell products using those designs - and I don't think it's right to rip off anybody's copyright - I wouldn't want it done to me, so I don't do it to others.
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