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Welcome to Pawdrobe HQ, where canine fashion meets unmatched craftsmanship. I'm Jan, the heart and hands behind every handmade accessory that adorns your beloved pup. Whatever breed your dog is, they hold a special place in your heart, and it's my mission to provide them with accessories that not only showcase their unique personality but also prioritize their comfort and safety.

Handmade Excellence

Every product at Pawdrobe HQ is meticulously crafted by my hands. I take pride in using quality fabrics sourced from reputable UK suppliers. What makes my creations truly special is the careful selection of fabric designs. From quirky cupcake patterns to timeless William Morris classics, there's a fabric that perfectly complements your pooch's personality.

When you choose a handmade product from Pawdrobe HQ, you're not just getting a stylish accessory – you're investing in a piece designed with your pupster's comfort and safety at the forefront. Take, for example, our bandanas and collars. Unlike traditional tie-around bandanas, ours are designed as over-the-collar options for a safer and more comfortable fit. Collars feature quick-release buckles, ensuring your pup's safety in unexpected situations.

As a Pooch Grand-Pawrent (courtesy of my daughter's Cockerpoo, Freddie), I understand your desire to provide the very best for your furry family member. Pawdrobe HQ was born out of the belief that your pup deserves accessories that go beyond the ordinary, setting them apart from the canine crowd.

Authenticity And Support Of UK Businesses

At Pawdrobe HQ, authenticity is my foundation. I don't believe in simply attaching my logo to mass-produced items that have been imported. Instead, each accessory is meticulously designed and handcrafted from scratch in my Liverpool studio. If you value products made by the person you're buying from, you're in the right place.

Supporting UK independent businesses is important to me and I extend this commitment to my supply chain. While some materials may be sourced globally by my UK suppliers, I'm not adding to the the global air miles within the supply chain. You can rest assured that by choosing Pawdrobe HQ, you're supporting British businesses and minimizing environmental impact.

My commitment to sustainability goes beyond the accessories. Where possible, packaging used at Pawdrobe HQ is biodegradable or recyclable, ensuring that your commitment to your pup's well-being aligns with our responsibility to the environment.

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